Children's 4H Garden

The MSU 4-H Children’s Garden (http://4hgarden.cowplex.com) has an active outreach program in which children visit the garden and participate in educational activities focused on learning botany, the role of plants in agriculture, and how plants are central to food and nutrition. To emphasize the relevance of maize as a key source of food, garden staff will work with 2nd graders using popcorn before and after it is popped to diagram the parts of a seed. To learn the function of life cycles, the students will also make a seed germination necklace with maize and then grow the plant back in their classroom. In the fall, a Garden Grocery Scavenger Hunt activity will be held where children will find in the garden, plants for lunch that contain roots (carrots), stems (celery), leaves (kale), flowers (broccoli), fruits (apple), and seeds (corn). In the winter/spring, students will do the same in a virtual grocery store. For 4th graders who visit the Garden three times a year, we will develop an activity called “Eating the Rainbow” where students will learn which vitamins come from which plants (corn-yellow; carrots-orange; blue-blueberries; red-apples; green-lettuce). The students will also complete an art project and worksheet to learn what part of the plant they are eating.